Shabiki Power 13 Jackpot Predictions from Jackpot Kenya—July 2019


The month of July is about to end and Shabiki gives you a chance to win Ksh10 million. Jackpot Kenya has come up with winning version of Shabiki Power 13 jackpot predictions. The tips are provided for free and are 90%-100% accurate.

Here are the tips:

  1. Brentford (ENG) vs Bournemouth (ENG)– Bournemouth (ENG) win
  2. Bristol City (ENG) vs Crystal Palace (ENG)– Draw
  3. Charlton (ENG) vs Aston Villa (ENG)– Aston Villa (ENG) win
  4. Fulham (ENG) vs West Ham (ENG)– West Ham (ENG) win
  5. Luton (ENG) vs Norwich (ENG)– Norwich (ENG) win
  6. QPR (ENG) vs Watford (ENG)– Watford (ENG) win
  7. Stoke City (ENG) vs Leicester (ENG)—Leicester win
  8. Swansea (ENG) vs Atalanta (ITA)– Atalanta (ITA) win
  9. Wigan (ENG) vs Burnley (ENG)– Burnley (ENG) win
  10. Ajax vs PSV– Ajax win
  11. Levante (ESP) vs FC Cartagena (ESP)– Levante (ESP) win
  12. FC Porto (POR) vs Monaco (FRA)– FC Porto (POR) win or draw
  13. Cagliari (Ita) vs Leeds (Eng)– Draw

Shabiki Jackpot rules are that whoever gets the most games takes all the money. The good thing is that the matches are so easy that predicting 13/13 correct predictions don’t require any sweat.

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