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Betlion Kenya Midweek Jackpot Bonuses


Betlion midweek jackpot happens every week, the jackpot has a total of 15 games and bonuses start from 11 correct predictions. If you get 11 correct predictions, you are given a free bet,for 12 correct predictions, winners are given Ksh 10,000.The highest bonus is given to a punter who correctly predict 14/15 games and the amount is Ksh 500,000

Below is how the bonuses are distributed:

14 of 15 Correct- A Share Of KSh 500,000*

 13 of 15 Correct- A Share Of KSh 100,000*

 12 of 15 Correct- A Share Of KSh 10,000*

 11 of 15 Correct = Free Entry Into Next Week’s Jackpot

One thing you should know is that the bonuses are divided equally among the winners. If 10 Kenyans get 12/15 correct predictions, each will go home with Ksh1,000. But if you are the only one who got the result, you will be given all the amount.

The best thing to do is to ensure that you get all the games correct so as to win the Ksh 15 million.

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