13 ideas on how to win Sportpesa Mega jackpot in Kenya


Winning Sportpesa Mega jackpot is not easy, you have to use various known ideas which other winners use. To win any amount from Sportpesa Mega jackpot, you have to get at least 13 correct games.

As a gambler, your target is to get 12, 13,14,15,16 or 17 correct games. To get these games, you have to implement the following 13 ideas:

  1. Get free tips online from prediction sites
  2. Use 7 double chances
  3. Bet as many times as possible. Place over 50 combinations every weekend
  4. Be consistent in betting, don’t skip any weekend
  5. Bet when the jackpot is about to be closed, if possible 1 hour before it’s closed. You will be able to know the ideal odds that will guide you in betting
  6. Do research online to learn about latest news, lineups, injuries and current form.
  7. Divide the games into 3-4 groups and analyze each group separately. If there are 4 groups, you should aim at getting 3/4 correct games in each group. When you combine, the total games you’ll get are 12-13 which is in the bonus bracket.
  8. Form discussion groups with your fellow gamblers
  9. Avoid having fixed mind when analyzing.Infact,the team you thing won’t win is the one that wins. Be open minded
  10. Before you identify away and home team wins, first identify draws. Most people lose bets because they don’t include draws in their analysis
  11. Be keen on home team games with 2 odds and away teams with 3 odds.If this is the case, then the result is likely to favour away team or draw.
  12. Place a blind bet where you just pick result at random.
  13. Buy football betting tips from a reliable site

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