Cheza Cash registration, paybill number, deposit, payment methods, withdraw, odds, bonus, jackpot and customer care contacts


Cheza Cash is one of the leading betting sites in Kenya. Below we provide details about the betting site that you should know. Important details include:

  1. How to register
  2. How to bet
  3. How to deposit money
  4. Paybill number
  5. Jackpots
  6. Bonuses
  7. How to withdraw money
  8. Customer Care Contacts
  9. Odds

SMS registration

You can registerthrough SMS or visit Cheza Cash website and register there.To register via SMS:

• Send the word “WIN” to our short code 29030.

• You will receive your Chezacash PIN via SMS.

Online registration:

• Visit Cheza Cash website,

• Click on “Register” button on the homepage and fill in your details as required.

How to deposit money to Cheza Cash via Paybill

Cheza Cash Mpesa Paybill Number is 290030.

How to deposit money to Cheza Cash via Mpesa

• Go to MPESA menu on your phone.

• Click on Lipa na Mpesa.

• Enter 290030 as the business number.

• Enter Chezacash as account number.

• Key in the amount you wish to deposit.

• Enter your MPESA PIN and click okay.

You can also deposit money online without going through your Mpesa.

Online (Web)Deposit

• Login to your Chezacash account.

• Click on DEPOSIT on the top left corner of the site.

• Key in the amount you would wish to deposit and click DEPOSIT to confirm.

• An MPESA deposit pop up message will be sent to the phone number you specified during registration.

• Enter your MPESA pin to confirm the deposit.

• Your Chezacash account will be credited instantly.

How to check CHEZACASH balnce

To check your account balance SMS “BALANCE” to 29030.

To view your balance online, simply login to your Chezacash account.

The balance is indicated on the upper section of the home page.


The minimum betting amount at Cheza cash for a single/multi-bet is Ksh 1

The maximum betting amount at Cheza Cash  for a single/multi bet is Ksh 70,000

Single bet

A single bet is a participant’s prediction of a specific sports event of which the odds of that event are multiplied by the stake.

To place a single bet via SMS you will use this format;

Sms to 29030 the Game ID, your Prediction on the outcome of the game and the Amount you wish to bet with. i.e. GAME ID#PREDICTION#AMOUNT.


SMS “8962 #2#500” to 29030.

Where “8962” is the Game ID, “2” is the prediction (Away win) and “500” is the bet amount (Stake).


Is a bet type where the bettor combines a number of single bets to form one bet, with the odds multiplying as each new leg is added.

To place a multi-bet via SMS use the format below;



Game ID 4001 Man United vs Arsenal ODDS (1=2.99 X=3.52 2=2.99)

Game ID 4002 Mathare United vs Kakamega Homeboys ODDS (1=2.99 X=3.52 2=2.99)

Game ID 4003 Newcastle vs Southampton ODDS(1=2.30 X=3.05 2=2.40)

To place a multi-bet of the three matches, Sms; 4001#1#4002#X#4003#2#50 to 29030

Double chance (DC)

Predict either two out of three possible outcomes of a match with one bet in a 3 way market.

DC1X Means Home team to win or the match to end in draw.

DC12 Means Either home or away team to win the match.

DCX2 Means Away team to win or the match to end in a draw.

To place a Double Chance Bet, SMS Game ID followed by a #DC and then your selection (1X=Home or Draw, 12=Home or Away,X2=Draw or Away), and the amount you want to bet to 29030


To place a single bet, SMS “2030#DC12#100” to 29030

To place a Multi-Bet, SMS “2021#DC12#5050#DC1X#100” to 29030

You will receive a confirmation message of your bet.

Correct score (CS)

Predict the exact score at full time.

To place a Correct Score Bet, SMS Game ID #CS and your prediction#Amount to 29030.


For a single bet, SMS “3030#CS00#1000

For a multi-bet, SMS “1030#CS21#2056#CS51#50

You will receive a confirmation message of your bet.


17 Games

A 17 games 3 way JP. Players win by predicting the 17 games correctly. Prize money of 1m

Over-Under 2.5

A 13 games JP. Players win by correctly predicting if total number of goals of goals scored will be Over or Under 2.5. Prize money is 250k

Both Teams to Score

A 13 games JP. Players win by correctly predicting if both teams will score a goal or not. Prize money is 250k

Exact Goals

A 8 games JP. Players win by correctly predicting the exact number of goals scored. Prize money is 750k

How to withdraw money from Cheza Cash via SMS

a) Via SMS:

SMS “W#AMOUNT”to 29030.


“W#300” where W denotes withdraw, 7878 and 300 is the amount you wish to withdraw.

The minimum amount to withdraw from Cheza Cash is Ksh 50.

Cheza Cash Payment Methods

Via Mpesa

    Go to M-PESA acount and select Lipa na M-PESA

    Select Pay Bill option

    Enter 290030 as the Business Number

    Enter your Phone No. as the Account No.

    Enter the amount you wish to Deposit

    Enter Mpesa pin to confirm payment.

Via Online/Web

    Log in to your chezacash account

    Click on Deposit button

    Enter the amount you wish to Deposit

    Click Deposit and input your pin when the Mpesa prompt pops up.

    Enter Mpesa pin to confirm your Deposit.


    Text D#Amount to 29030.

    e.g D#200

Cheza Cash Customer Care Contacts

Below are the customer Care Contacts for Cheza Cash:

Customer Care Number:+254 0709 978 000

Whats-app/ SMS :+254 0799 456 300

Cheza Cash Cashout

Cash- out is an innovative real-time feature that allows you to have more control over your bets. It allows you to take an early payout on your bets before they are settled, meaning you are able to get money back before the event is over and your bet is ultimately resulted.

You’ll either make a profit, or get a portion of your initial stake back, depending on how your selection is doing at the time of your taking up the Cash Out.

The amount you will be offered will be based on the actual odds at the time you chose to cash out.

To Cash-out any of your bet;

• Login to your Chezacash account

• Click on Bet History.

• You will see all your open bets that have the cash out offer.

• Choose any bet and confirm cash out.

Cheza Cash taxes


Excise Tax

Excise tax is tax applied on the stake.

Any stake amount shall be subjected to a deduction of 7.5% as required by the governing laws in Kenya.


If you stake Kshs 500 with Chezacash, your net stake (Stake after tax) will be Ksh 462.5

Withholding Tax

Withholding Tax is a tax imposed on any returns obtained through betting.

Chezacash will also apply taxes on all winnings as stipulated by Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) in Kenya.

The withholding tax percentage to be deducted is 20% as per the tax rate prescribed by the Government of Kenya.

The deduction will be made from the total payout (Winnings-Stake)


If you stake Ksh 500 and total odds is 3 your final payout will be as illustrated below: