SportyBet Uganda Review: Registration, bonuses, maximum payouts, Customer Care Contacts, Jackpots, Deposit, Withdraw


SportyBet is one of the leading betting sites in Uganda. Below is a list of things you need to know about the betting site:

How to register on SportyBet Uganda

Visit SportyBet Uganda website and click on “Register” in the top-right corner, fill in the registration details and follow the given steps.

How to change your username

Unfortunately not; the username, which should be a verified phone number, that you have chosen during the registration process cannot be changed once you have created your account.

How to retrieve your login details

To retrieve your password, please click on “Forgot Password?” under the login area.

If you have forgotten your username, SportyBet

How to change your password

Login into your account, go to “My Account(Me)”, select “My Account(Me) Info”, click on “Change Password” and follow the given steps.

How to update your personal details

Login into your account, go to “My Account(Me)”, drop down menu and select “My Account(Me) info”, click on “Profile” and follow the given steps.

What is the minimum age for betting with SportyBet Uganda?

It is strictly forbidden for persons under the age of 25 to open an account and use our services.

SportyBet maximum Payouts

The Max Sports Payout per Bet is UGX 150,000,000.

The Daily Max Winnings per User is UGX 300,000,000.

Number of  selections one can add to a betslip

The maximum number of selections you can add to your betslip is 50, however the maximum number of selections for System is 15.

How to withdraw money from SportyBet

To withdraw your winnings, simply go to “My Account(Me)” and find the “Withdraw” button. Enter the desirable amount to withdraw and click on “Withdraw”. Your winnings will be immediately sent to your Mobile Money account after your confirmation.

Are there any fees when withdrawing?

All withdrawals are free of charges.

What is the usual withdrawal processing time?

Withdrawals with an amount less than UGX 4,000,000.00 per transaction will be processed instantly.

Why was my money deducted suddenly?

If a booker of ours provide the wrong information for the results of bets, bets will then also be cleared in accordance to the wrong results. When this happens, a Rollback notification will be sent if such a situation occurred to any of your bets. Then, we will re-settle any related bets in accordance with the real and correct final results. This process usually happens either during the match, or shortly after the game ends, when it’s being reviewed.

How to Play “Jackpot”

The SportyBet 12 Jackpot Competition consists of predicting the results of 12 matches, which are selected by SportyBet, every week.

To take part and have a chance to win the jackpot, you must get registered and have at least UGX 250 in your account. If you correctly predict all 12 match results, you win the Super Jackpot prize. The Jackpot prize pool will be split with all eligible participants, who made the same correct predictions. Consolation prizes are awarded also for correctly predicting 11 or 10 match results !!

How to Take Part

Make your selections – On the SportyBet 12 Jackpot competition entry page, make your predictions for each one of the listed matches (Home win, Draw, Away win). The stake amount of each combination is UGX 250. You can make more than 1 prediction for one match. This will increase the stake amount by UGX 250 for each additional combination formed by your selections.

Check and place bets – Make sure to check all of the selections before you click on the “Place Bet” button. Once submitted, the bets cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded. You may place bets until 14:00 Saturday at Uganda time. The countdown to the competition’s closure time is clearly shown on the competition entry page.

Check the results – on Monday Afternoon at Uganda Time, all match results and prizes will be published in the “Previous Results” on the “Jackpot” page.

Special conditions – If one Jackpot match is suspended, postponed or cancelled and not resumed within 48 hours from the initial kick-off time, it counts as Void and Jackpot prize distribution goes as follows:

  • 30% of Super Jackpot prize for 12 correct predictions;
  • 40% of 2nd prize for 11 correct predictions;
  • 50% of 3rd prize for 10 correct predictions.

If two or more Jackpot matches are suspended, postponed or cancelled (void) – all the bets for this Jackpot round are cancelled and stakes are refunded.

Jackpot Rush

By choosing the “Jackpot Rush” option, a random selection of one prediction per match will be automatically selected with a fixed stake of UGX 250. Further predictions may be added to the random selection. This will increase the cost of entry by UGX 250 for every additional combination.

How to Deposit money to SportyBet

Currently, SportyBet only accept deposits from Airtel and MTN.

A. There are two options offered to make a deposit.

  1. Online Deposit
    • Step 1: Select the Payment Method you wish to use;
    • Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your account in the given text fields;
    • Step 3: Click on the “Top Up Now” button;
    • Step 4: You will be prompted to follow instructions on your mobile phone to complete the transaction. If this is successful, the money will be credited to your account.
    • Step 5: Click the button or link below the page which describes the transaction as being successful and you will be redirected to another page.

(Tips: you need to follow the instructions to complete the validation steps from mobile money providers)

  1. Paybill
    • Please reference to the Paybill tab in Deposit page.

What types of Mobile Money accounts are accepted by our service?

Currently, we only accept deposits from Airtel and MTN. We are working hard to improve this and hope to be able to offer other options for other Mobile Money providers in the near future.

What are the limits for Deposits and how much does the Charge Fee cost?

  1. Minimum per transaction is UGX 1,000.00.
  2. Maximum per transaction is UGX 4,000,000.00.
  3. All Deposits are free of charges.

How long does it take for the transaction to be processed and for the deposited sum to arrive into an account?

Charges are usually paid immediately. If your balance is unchanged, please check the “Transactions” for details. If still not shown, you can contact SportyBet Customer Service staff at any time.

How to Withdraw money from SportyBet

To withdraw your winnings, simply go to the “My Account(Me)” drop-down menu and click on “Withdraw”.

  • Step 1: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your account;
  • Step 2: You will have to check if the given information for the withdrawal’s account is correct. If all details are correct, click on the “Withdraw” button;
  • Step 3: Your withdrawal was successful. Click on the button or link that is shown below to be redirected to another page of SportyBet.

What is the limit of Withdrawal and How much is the charge fee?

  1. Minimum per transaction is UGX 1,000.00.
  2. Maximum per transaction is UGX 4,000,000.00.
  3. Withdrawal is free for users.


If we monitor and verify the possibility of money laundering, SportyBet has the right to freeze your account for review. It involves but not all of the following:

  1. Only using SportyBet to deposit and withdraw, and there is no betting record in the transactions log;
  2. Try to withdraw money from a SportyBet account to a big number of different persons’ Accounts;
  3. Tried too many withdrawal requests on a single day.

How long will it take to withdraw to the Mobile Money Account?

Generally, the amount withdrawn will arrive into your Mobile Money account immediately. If a “Pending” status is shown, this means this transaction must be reviewed manually and shall be verified within three working days. Please wait patiently. If you have any questions, please contact our SportyBet’s Customer Service at any time.

How to Cashout from SportyBet

What is Cashout?

Cashout is a revolutionary real-time feature that allows you control over your bet. Use it to guarantee yourself a profit, or cut your losses.

What ways can I Cashout?


You can cashout on your bets which are unsettled.

Partial Cashout

You can make a Partial Cashout and leave part of the original Stake untouched. A Partial Cashout is allowed when an unsettled bet is a Single or Multiple with one combination. A Single Bet has 10 possible times to use Partial Cashout and a Multiple Bet has 5 possible times to use Partial Cashout.

Auto Cashout

You can create an Auto Cashout rule after you place a bet. You can set a threshold for each bet that is either higher or lower than the current cashout offer. Once the cashout offer reaches or exceeds the threshold you set, the system will attempt to, depending on the rule you set, either fully cashout or partially cashout the amount automatically and the funds will be added to your balance if successful.

You can remove your Auto Cashout rule at anytime before it is triggered, or it will be removed automatically if you cashout manually. You can have only one Auto Cashout rule per bet at any given time.

Auto cashout is not guaranteed to execute at or above the threshold you set. Our system will make its best effort to do so, but sometimes the market will close before the cashout can complete, or another technical error may occur. SportyBet accepts no liability for any Auto Cashout rule not executing.

How can I Cashout?

Simply login to your account and select “Cashout” in the betslip. Those with the “Cashout” icon can be cashed out immediately.

Please note that the minimum cashout amount is UGX 5.00. Moreover, bets placed using a Gift are not eligible for “Cashout”.

How much will I win?

Your “Cashout” resulting amount depends on the likely outcome of your bet. The more likely it is to win, the greater the amount you can “Cashout” will be.

Cashout Terms and Conditions

  • Cashout is available on a wide variety of markets. However, SportyBet has the right to remove some games or competitions or sports from the cashout offer at anytime without prior notice.
  • A time delay in accepting a Cashout request is in place. If a price changes or a market suspends then the Cashout of the original amount request may not be successful.
  • If the Cashout request is successful, this will be displayed and the bet will be settled immediately. The actual final result of the related market will have no impact on the Cashout amount.
  • The Cashout amount offered at any time is the total amount that will be returned to your account if successful.
  • Where we have reason to believe that a Cashout is carried out after the outcome of an event is known, we reserve the right to void the orignal bet that was cashed out.
  • Bets placed with Gift cannot be cashed out.
  • SportyBet cannot guarantee that the Cashout feature will be available on your bet selection.
  • SportyBet will not be responsible if the Cashout feature is not available for technical reasons and bets will stand as originally placed during any such period.
  • SportyBet reserves the right to accept or decline any bet/wager requested for any sport, competition, market or bet type that is included in the Cashout feature.
  • SportyBet reserves the right to amend, suspend or remove the Cashout feature at any time for any event, fixture or market. Any bets placed on such events, fixtures or markets will stand as originally placed.
  • SportyBet reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a Cashout if the bet or a market is settled in error.