How Betika Midweek Jackpot Bonuses are Awarded


Betika Midweek Jackpot Bonuses are awarded from 12 correct games. Those correctly predicting 12,13 and 14 games are awarded bonuses. The one getting 15/15 correct games earn Ksh 15,000,000

Betika jackpot bonuses are not fixed, the amount paid depend on total amount staked and the number of winners. If there are many winners but the amount staked was low, the bonuses will be low. The jackpot bonuses will also depend on whether the full amount was won or not. In case the number of those who correctly predicted 15/15 games are many, the cash prize is shared equally among them.

Betika Midweek Cash prize distribution

2 winners of Ksh 15,000,000—-each will get Ksh 7,500

10 winners of Ksh 15,000,000—each will get Ksh 1,500,000

100 winners of Ksh 15,000,000—each will get Ksh 150,000

You are required to divide 15,000,000 by the number of winners to know the amount of money each of them will take home.

Bonuses will also depend on the total number of winners. Example below:

Bonus awarded

𝟏4 correct games—Ksh 1,823,038

𝟏3 correct games—Ksh 67,612

12 correct games—Ksh 24,012

Betika Midweek jackpot is provided weekly, either on Saturday or Sunday. The results are announced immediately the last game in the jackpot is played. Payment is credited in a player’s betting account. If the amount is in millions, Betika will call you to their offices to collect your Cheque.

How to receive winning Betika Midweek jackpot tips in Kenya

We offer 15-20 versions of Betika Midweek jackpot tips on weekly basis.To receive these tips,you pay Ksh 999 per month or Ksh 499 for two weeks. Payment is done as follows:

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select Lips Na MPESA
  • Select Buy Goods and Services
  • Enter MPESA till number (705909)
  • Enter amount (Ksh999, Ksh499)
  • Enter your MPESA Pin and Send

The tips are sent to our members weekly via SMS