How to Deposit Money to Betika Aviator


Betika Mpesa Paybill Number is 290290 .This is the number to use when you want to deposit money to Betika Aviator.

How to deposit money to Betika Aviator via the Paybill Number

  • Go to Mpesa
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter Business Number (290290)
  • Enter Account Number(your phone number)
  • Enter Amount to deposit
  • Enter Mpesa Pin and send

You will receive a confirmation message from Betika that the money has been received. Then proceed to play the Aviator game.

Betika Aviator Minimum Stake amount is Ksh 2 only. If you place a bet of Ksh 100,you will get a free bet. The free bets amounts to up Ksh 100,000.

Betika Maximum Payout

Betika maximum payout per day is Ksh 8,000,000.

Betika Customer Care Contacts

Contact1: 0729 290 290

 Contact2:0780 290 290


Betika Aviator Maximum Multiplier

The maximum multiplier for Aviator game on Betika is 1000X

This means that if the multiplier is 1000 and your stake is Ksh 100, you will win Ksh 100,000.

Tricks on how to win Aviator with Betika

There are many tricks to employ if you want to win Aviator with Betika.One of them is to stake low. If you deposit Ksh 1,000, don’t stake all this money once—stake Ksh 10 each time you play a game. You should also aim for low multiplier. The multiplier should be between 1.10 to 2.00.

The best time to earn good money is when it starts raining. During this time,the pilot flies higher and higher to run away from bad weather. The multiplier will increase to 100X.But don’t be too greedy, monitor the movement of the plane and the rise of the multiplier and when it reaches 10X, prepare to cash out.

Another trick to employ is to bet consistently. If possible, play daily to learn more about the game.You will eventually become an expert and start winning daily.

Finally,if you win big today,don’t continue to play until tomorrow. For instance, if you win Ksh 20,000 in the morning, withdraw Ksh 19,500 and leave only Ksh 500.If you play with Ksh 500 and you lose, don’t continue until the next day.