How to win Sportybet jackpot Nigeria


Sportybet Nigeria is one of the best jackpots to bet for. But winning the jackpot is always difficult. In a year less than 5 people win the full amount. Nevertheless, there are huge bonuses won weekly.

The games in the jackpot are always difficult to predict, making it hard for people to win. Any serious player should look for ideas on how to win the jackpot. Bonuses start from 10 correct games, which are attainable.

To win the jackpot, use these ideas:

  • Bet consistently

Make sure you bet for this jackpot every week. This way, you increase your chances of winning. It’s not good to bet today, skip 2 weeks, bet ones ,disappear and come to bet after 6 months.

When you are consistent, the efforts eventually yield positive results.

  • Place many bets

Another technique to employ is to bet as many times as possible for one jackpot. Look for enough money to stake with. You can place even 100 bets. With this effort, I don’t see you going for many weeks without winning some money.

  • Draws must be in the jackpot

Since every match is a close contest, there must be draws. Make sure you include at least 2 draws in your bet. I know many people when selecting winning teams, they don’t consider draws—this is why it’s difficult to win.

  • Surprising result

Another factor to consider are surprising or shocking wins. There MUST be one or two games everyone thought were sure of the outcome. When analyzing, if you strongly feel that a certain team must win,it means the result will be opposite of your expectation.

When analyzing, pick one or two games which will shock people and bet opposite of what people expect.

  • Blind selection

Blind selection is where you select results without analyzing. This has worked for many people.

If you feel that the matches are difficult to analyze, do auto selection. You may be lucky one day.

  • Observe patterns in the jackpot

Look carefully at previous results and patterns. Every jackpot has patterns. If the past 3 jackpots had more home wins and away wins, there are high chances that the current jackpot will have more draws.

There must be a patter in your combination ,e.g 11111X11111 or 22222X21222,or XXXX121XX1XX

  • Use free tips available online

There are free predictions which are posted online. Search for those tips, analyze and compare with your tips. The free tips are always more than 50% accurate. For you to win, you have to make few adjustments.

  • Double chances

Double chances will greatly increase your chances of winning. As you bet, always remember to include double chances.

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