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Fixed matches and odds in Nigeria. Do they exist?


In Nigeria if you want to lose your money, buy fixed matches—they don’t exist. You will find many people in Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook selling fake fixed matches. They will see odds for N100,000 and also tell you to pay activation fee. Once you pay all that money, they block you. Others will provide analyzed tips and when they lose, they disappear with the money or start giving excuses.

Fixed matches exist but those guys telling you that they sell them are cheating you. It’s extremely hard for the teams fixing matches to reveal the secrets to the public because they will be punished once discovered. They simply fix their games secretly.

The only person you can trust is someone selling analyzed matches. These ones are genuine and reliable; they are also cheaper than fixed matches.

One of the guys in Nigeria purchased fixed odds on Telegram. He was promised to win N10 million per day. He paid N100,000. He was given games which had already played. When he tried to question and ask for better tips, he was blocked.

Another one purchased 2 correct score games. He placed them and none won. The following morning, he reached out to the supplier only to get blocked.

There are many incidences of Nigerians being scammed of their hard earned money. It’s only that they don’t expose the perpetrators

Never buy fixed matches in Nigeria!

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