When Alex Song Tried to Live beyond his means by buying this car—see what happened


Alex Song: “When I arrived at Arsenal at 17, I signed my first professional contract and I received €15,000, I was so euphoric.

You can imagine, a young teenager who goes from €4,000 to €15,000 and so I wanted to do like the great players at Arsenal.

One day I arrived at training and I saw Thierry Henry arrive with a magnificent car, but damn the car was a jewel, a Lincoln Navigator and so I thought I had to get the same car no matter what.

And you know, when you’re a footballer, you just have to sign some papers and they will give you the car and then we take deductions from your salary.

But I swear to you that after two months, I returned the car because it was an American car that used a lot of petrol, I had nothing left in my fridge, all my money was going to the fuel and I said to them ‘give me a Toyota, your thing is too expensive In my opinion’.

When I arrived at training, Henry then asked me: ‘But son, where is your car?’. I said to him: ‘This car is not at my level’.”