Kagwirawo jackpot predictions in Uganda this weekend,5/5/2024:Win UGX 2,500,000


Kagwirawo is one of the best jackpots to bet for in Uganda. The cash prize for the 7 games jackpot is UGX 2,500,000. The stake amount is UGX500 only. We provide the best predictions for this jackpot weekly.

If you want them to be delivered to your phone via SMS, subscribe here by paying UGX 80,000 per month or UGX40,000 for two weeks. We will be sending 5 versions of the analyzed jackpot to each subscriber through text messages. Send the money to 254722927138.We will acknowledge receipt and send the tips every week.

Below are free predictions for this weekend’s Jackpot:

  1. Chelsea-West Ham United —1or2
  2. Crystal Palace-Manchester United—X
  3. Liverpool-Tottenham Hotspur—1or2
  4. Girona-Barcelona—2
  5. Mallorca-Atletico Madrid—2
  6. Roma-Juventus—2
  7. Udinese-SSC Napoli—2