Kirinyaga Stars Triumph as Inaugural Winners of the 2024 Tujiamini Cheza Dimba Award Sponsored by SportPesa Kenya

Cheza Dimba Award

Kirinyaga Stars have been crowned the inaugural champions of the 2024 Tujiamini Cheza Dimba tournament, which took place on April 13 at the ACK Diocese in Kirinyaga County. This landmark event is part of the Tujiamini initiative, backed by the leading online gaming firm, SportPesa. 

The Cheza Dimba Award, aimed at elevating grassroots football, has awarded Kirinyaga Stars a three-year sports sponsorship deal valued at KES 250,000 annually. This significant support package is designed to alleviate the financial constraints often faced by clubs at the regional level, helping them retain talent and ascend through the leagues.

Journey to Victory

Kirinyaga Stars showcased their dominance throughout the tournament, beginning their victorious campaign in Pool B with two straight wins. They secured a commanding 5-0 victory over Midway FC in the semifinals, setting the stage for a finals rematch against Galactico FC. A decisive first-half goal by Arrem Kimani, mirroring their earlier encounter, clinched the title for Kirinyaga in a tightly contested 1-0 final.

Support Beyond the Win

Cheza Dimba Award

In addition to the sports initiative, Kirinyaga Stars were also awarded new home and away jerseys and other essential playing equipment. This support extends beyond the financial, providing the tools necessary for the team to compete effectively in upcoming matches and beyond.

Team Reactions

Joseph Irungu, captain of Kirinyaga Stars, expressed his team’s gratitude for the life-changing support, noting the positive impact it will have on their performance and aspirations. Wangugi Muchoki, the chairlady of Kirinyaga Stars, echoed these sentiments, acknowledging the Tujiamini initiative as a pivotal development for the team’s management and future successes.

About Tujiamini

The Tujiamini initiative, driven by SportPesa Kenya, aims to foster a sense of pride and achievement within Kenya’s sports and talent ecosystem through substantial resources support and recognition. Teams and individuals across the country are encouraged to participate and benefit from this transformative campaign.

Looking Ahead

As Kirinyaga Stars celebrate their victory and look forward to progressing in their football journey, other teams are invited to engage with the Tujiamini initiative to realize their potential and possibly replicate such success. For more information or to apply for support, visit

Cheza Dimba Award

This victory not only marks a significant milestone for Kirinyaga Stars but also sets a high standard for sports excellence and community support within the region, heralding a promising future for sports development in Kenya. Join the leading online gaming company in Kenya and make it count today.