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Nigeria vs Algeria Predictions,14 July 2019


The match between Algeria and Nigeria will happen tonight at 10 pm, this will be the first game of the AFCON 2019 Semifinal competition. Predictions show that Algeria have an upper hand but based on the previous game between Nigeria and South Africa, it’s possible for Nigeria to qualify to the final.

Our first prediction is that less than 3 goals will be scored. This is a game where each of the teams will be extra careful because they are both one step to the finals. The average number of goals to be scored are 2.

We also deduce that both teams will draw in first half but one of them will win in second half, probably Algeria. In addition, it’s highly possible that only one team will score.

In terms of correct score, here are our predictions: Algeria 1 Nigeria 0

The teams that will win this match will meet either Senegal or Tunisia, but most analysts believe that Senegal will meet Algeria in the finals.