Betting Sites in Kenya with no tax 2022


If you want to join a betting site in Kenya which you’ll not pay tax, register for 1XBET.You’ll bet and withdraw all the money you have won. To register with 1XBET,click on this link and visit their site

The registration procedure takes less than 2 minutes. After successfully registering, proceed to deposit money and place a bet. The good thing is 1XBET offers 200% welcome bonus or a maximum of Ksh10, 000 bonus to each of their new members.

One of the reasons this company is very popular in Kenya is because it doesn’t charge tax like other companies. Another reason is that it offers higher odds than other betting sites. You’ll find Manchester City given 1.20 odds in other sites and 1.40 odds in 1XBET.

After using the site for some days, I can guarantee you that you won’t think of using any other site apart from 1XBET.

In Kenya, you pay up to Ksh 20% tax on winnings which is too high. Imagine after winning Ksh 20,000,the government takes Ksh 4,000 and you remain with Ksh16,000 only, which is so unfair. But for 1XBET if you win 20k,you’ll find 20k in your account—they don’t charge any money.

For those who want 100% welcome bonus,you can register with this link

Make sure your first deposit is more than Ksh200 in order to qualify for the bonus.

Another company you can try is 22Bet.this one is equally good and it offers high odds.22Bet was launched in Kenya 4 years ago and it has been doing extremely well.Currently,it has over 5 million clients.To register for 22Bet and get 100% welcome bonus, click on this link

Betting is an enjoyable activity when you moderate yourself. In Kenya, there are gamblers who win Ksh10,000 and above daily. Some even quit their jobs to concentrate on gambling.